About the Adhyatmik Store

"Adhyatmik" is a Sanskrit word meaning all enhancement and advancement of body, mind and self; opening in all directions, universal.  

Within this store, you will find unique and rare items to support your spiritual practice and help you connect, open and attune to the essence of Adhyatmik. In particular there are statutes and other items that have Lived With and been Blessed By His Holiness Sri Svami Purnaji Maharaj. Traditionally items sanctified by High Beings have the same meaning or importance as those worshipped in Temples. An item worn, lived with and/or used by Sri Svamiji is very rare and has a special spiritual significance; the item's value lies not in the material aspects, rather in the sacred vibration that the item carries from having been in His Presence and Energy.

All proceeds from the sale of the items in the Adhyatmik Store support the ongoing humanitarian mission and vision of the Sanctuary for Peace, a 501(c)3 non-profit initiative Inspired and Guided by His Holiness Sri Svami Purnaji Maharaj for the benefit of humanity. Attuning and evolving through nature one is able to explore the deeper essence and flow of Life and discover the true Sanctuary that resides within.

 An integral element of the grand Vision for the Sanctuary for Peace is the establishment of a Vedic University. It is modeled on the Vedic Sanatan Dharma of ancient India where students imbibed universal truths imparted by noble scholars and practicing yogis in a natural setting, often referred to as the Forest Academy. The Vedic University will enable a seat of learning for scholars and practitioners trained in Vedic and Vedantic philosophy and Yogic science.  Accompanying the classical studies, courses will be offered to provide practical guidance for health management, and balanced living in harmony with Nature so that the universal Teachings may be applied to - and integrated with - daily living to reduce the stress experienced in this hectic world in which we live today.

For more information about the Sanctuary for Peace, please visit www.SanctuaryforPeace.com.